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Value of Pain

Let Yourself bath in my Lust

18 November 1986
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  • valuexofxpain@livejournal.com
  • assukabr@gmail.com

Welcome to valuexofxpain

warumono_girl Graphics journal!

About this
Journal :

+ Basically all
the stuff here are jrock related.
+  My favorite bands are
GazettE and DeG, so most of the graphis here will be onto them.
I almost always accept Request, so Look for the Request post.
+ I
try to be quick on my layouts but I do TWO colleges at once, so, I
have almost no time free. Be warned.

Here You
may/can Find
- icons & Animated Icons
- Jrock Gifs
Karaokês/ Subbed PVs
- Headers & Friends Only Banners
- S2

1. Please if
you're getting any layout credit this lj-user.

2. Do not claim any graphic here as
3. If any brushes
images used here are yours, please contact me or comment on
the post saying that and i'll add the credits and/or take the entry

4. Once
you got any layout from here, please comment on the entry, putting
in this you lj-username and the lj where it will be used, so i can
keep track.

5.Any problem
please relate here with your username (not anonymous), the layout
name and the problem and I'll try to fix it as quickly as I

The Request
Entry :

Requests Rules
1. Please, don't ask more than 2 layouts at time, as I've said,
I'm human.

2. all layouts
are s2 based, so I have some rules to follow as the theme

3. The only band
that I don't accept requests is Phantasmagoria. I really hate them
with all my heart, so, i doubt anything good would ever be done by
me with this band.

4. If you have
an image that you like and color preferences, please say

5. The
naviagation bar isn't avaible in all layouts, so if you use it,
please say so too.

6. comment on
the entry with your lj-accont that you'll use to talk to


7. Put there the
lj-account that the lay will be used, your references, the band

procedure :

1. Once you post
there and I reply, if I say I'll do it, i'll probably do it in less
than a week, but I can't promise anything.

2. When I finish
the request I'll also reply to your comment here and/or send you an
PM, so track this entry.

3. On the pm or
the reply entry it wil have the preview of the layout, may be an
image or a lj-test.

4. If you like
it I'll upload somewhere a zip archive with the images nedded and
the code and pass the url to you. If you don't like it, tell me so I
can make another.

THE FUCKING TUTORIAL. I dindn't do that because I though that would
be pretty. Seriously, it won't take more than 5 min. If you still
have doubts, PM me or post on the Problems entry and I'll go into
your rescue.

6. all the
information nedded to put your layout to work can be
found on
the code text and on the tutorial that you can find here.

Feel Free to PM

me with any doubts/questions You may have. You Also can find me
at warumono_girl.